Introducing the new issuu embeds

In early November, we unveiled the new issuu reading experience to make reading and publication discovery on issuu easier than ever.

As of today, we've rolled out this new experience to issuu embeds as well. You can enjoy the same improved reading experience complete with all the features you already know and love.

See the new reading experience embedded below.



This new embed experience is simplified so your readers and audience can focus on your publication with very few distractions. You can also learn more about this redesign on the issuu blog.

The embed has:

  • A new page flip action and crystal-clear text
  • A toolbar that appears only when you mouse over the embed, and disappears when you need to read.
  • Easy zooming action using the slider at the bottom of the embed
  • A visible page slider for easy navigation
  • A more visible download button at the top left of the embed
  • Simple switching to fullscreen view using the icon on the bottom right of the embed
  • A more visible Share button at the top of the embed
  • An improved information icon that provides your readers with more information about you, the publisher.


How do I get this new issuu embed?

The process for embedding is still the same, so visit Publisher Tools on your issuu account and navigate to the embed wizard. This handy help article will walk you through this process.


Can I customize this new embed?

Yes, you can! Once you sign up for a paid plan, you can:


Can I still get the Custom Full-Page Reader?

If you are on one of our paid plans, you still have access to your own Custom Full-Page Reader which has all related publications removed. You can create the link for your Custom Full-Page Reader from the embed wizard.



I don't like it. It doesn't look like a magazine anymore. It looks stiff and awkward. I'll be looking for a new publisher soon. You've ruined the whole look of the magazine.

Diana Siachoque

I really don´t like it, the previous was much better, is complicated even just embed it our webpage o another site, you should not changed it it was working wonderful as it was before


Jornal Anoticia


É possivel enviar um link de teste dessa leitura embutida para que eu teste no meu site?

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