Understanding workflow notifications

As you and your team go through the Collaborate workflow and generate changes in your title, , notification emails will be  sent to relevant people, informing them of the work being done.

Notifications will be generated when a team member performs a specific action or by the Collaborate system itself.


1. User-generated Email Notifications

Emails sent due to user actions are triggered by:

  • An Article is edited
  • Content is uploaded to Articles, Ads or the Review page
  • A team member is assigned roles and responsibilities
  • When a comment or note is made


Notifications for Articles and Ads

Article and Ad notifications are sent to the assigned team member and editor.  If an Article/Ad is open (is not assigned to a specific person), all contributors/salespeople will receive the email. When a team member is assigned to an Article or Advertisement, or the completion state of either changes, notification emails are sent immediately.  (add screenshot or GIF)


Notifications for Comments and Notes

In the case of comments and notes, the user who generates them decides who to notify.(add screenshot or GIF)


2. System-generated Email Notifications

System emails are generated in two ways:

  • When a user requests a resource from your title. When a pdf is published, or content is downloaded from an Article or Ad, an email is sent upon completion of that background task.
  • As a daily status update the Collaborate system performs daily checks for overdue assignments and sends an email to the relevant team member, informing them of their outstanding tasks. If no-one is assigned to a task, the editor of the Article/Advertisement will receive the email.


Turning off notifications

If you don’t want to receive notifications, you can turn them off in Collaborate Settings, under  your profile. (screenshot)


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