The New issuu Is Here!

A few weeks ago, we shared about a big redesign of the core issuu reading experience we were working on, a new reading experience that would make it easier to read and discover issuu publications on any device.

We’re proud to announce the launch of this new reading experience, now available on! In the next week or so, we’ll make it available for issuu publications embedded on other sites, blogs and social channels.

Here’s an example of an embedded publication with the new look and feel. You can also learn more about the redesign on our blog.


In this article you can read about:


What's new

  • Updated, clean page layout to make it easier to read
  • Crystal-clear text and vibrant images
  • More prominent and tailored suggestions to help readers discover new content
  • Superb on any screen size and from any browser because it’s all built in HTML5.
  • Twice as fast and no more Flash plugin problems — again, thanks HTML5.


Feature differences between the current issuu and the new issuu

When we set out on this redesign, we wanted to make sure we didn't just change the superficial looks of the existing experience, but really, truly improved how people read and discover content on issuu. Along the way, we removed some features that we found in our research weren't essential to most people.

We also decided we wanted to share the new issuu with you sooner rather than later, even if it means temporarily disabling old features at launch.


Temporarily disabled functionality

  • Reader Clips
  • Searching inside a publication
  • Ability to create an embed code from the reading experience. Publishers can still create an embed code from the Publication List.  


Removed functionality

  • Link to print a publication from the reading experience. Publishers can still print a publication from their publication list when logged into issuu.
  • Ability to see thumbnails for a bird’s-eye-view of a publication. You'll see a snappier, faster slider instead.
  • Ability for readers to choose between single-page spreads and double-page spreads when viewing a publication on We’ll be adding a setting soon for publishers to select the default page spread for a publication on
  • Clip statistics. The Publisher statistics will no longer have Clip statistics, as Clip has been disabled for now. Statistics for clicks on publisher-created links (link-out) will still be available.


-- Previous Updates --

October 14th, 2016 - Testing the new issuu

A small portion of people visiting will see the new experience, as we test it out to make sure it works seamlessly for our readers and publishers.

October 7th, 2016 - Page flip enabled

The new reading experience is now showing a new page flip effect. Just browse the publication to get the experience.

July 4th, 2016 — Fullscreen enabled

Fullscreen reading now shows the new issuu experience. Just click or tap the fullscreen icon in the embed and you will be taken to a fullscreen experience without leaving the page you are on. Fullscreen works in most desktop browsers without flash player and on Android as well. For browsers that don’t support fullscreen (primarily Safari on iOS), a fullscreen reader will be opened in a new tab.




The new format looks awful, the document is smaller and surrounded by ads, very dispiriting to see it go downhill.



I Like that there is no longer crashing issues... but the actual documents are so small.... and I am really disappointed that single page viewing is no longer available and will be made on a publisher by publisher basis. 

More stable. But needs to consider what the users are actually come to the page for. Right now the actual document fills less than half of the users window and forces them to zoom in to read content / view a photo.


Kathy Osborne
  • I hate this tiny, unreadable junky format. It looks awful and I am going to look for a new place to put the magazine. Plus i just had a big fight with my boss over Clip being gone. We needed it desperately and had to just go find a static PDF to use instead. THIS SUCKS.
Daniel Locatelli

Guys please do fix this issuu viewer! I cannot zoom and pan freely through the page. It is just terrible!

Steve Fenton

Same as everyone else is saying - looks awful. That's the core functionality guys and it's gone from great to garbage in one swift move.

Whoever did your design needs to be sacked. And I don't mean fired. I mean smacking him in the nutsack.

How did we go from "cutting edge modern look for 2016" to "back to 2002 design for 2017".

You forgot to mention that along with the embed obfuscation, you've also removed the direct download. There is currently only one view available for people linked to the document - Ugly and small. 

This isn't just an error, it demonstrates an abject lack of understanding of the basic functionality that your users are looking for.

I am now moving all my linked content to another service.

Cranmore School

We require a direct download and clips.  Readers are disappointed this is not available now.  Please re-instate.

Gem Reul

this look HORRIBLE. i will be removing my publications today. i will not use a service which makes my work look bad. i wish you had an option to pay per publication. you're missing a huge segment of people who could pay this way. 35 a month is not worth it if you don't use Issuu often. the other level up is insanely expensive. so i will have to look elsewhere. i appreciated the free level but all the ads are horrible now. the interface is awful. i would more than willingly pay for an in between

level of service. 

criticavit jcaj

"The new format looks awful, the document is smaller and surrounded by ads, very dispiriting to see it go downhill", like indeed someone wrote...

Siusi Cor

ISSUU still doesnt work in chrome

Domain LLC

This new format is horrible. My publications now don't show up as spreads which was the point of using the interface. If I have to upload a publication as spreads then it defeats the ease of use or the reason for using this.  

The ads are also distracting and look horrible and unprofessional. I will no longer use this unless the format changes.


Yeah the new format is so dissapointing.The pages are not displayed using the new interface.When we click on the navigation arrows it just gives the glimpse of flipping through the pages but does not display them.The old interface was really good.the new one is more upsetting.Hope the problem would be fixed soon

Ashley Ng

I hate the new design because our publications look flat and is surrounded by other publications and ads. WHYYYYYY? It loved the way it was before and now i'll have to search for a new place to upload my work. :(

ZHAW Gesundheit

Hi, Issuu does still not work on Google Chrome! that's a pitty and your redesign seems to be astonishingly unprofessional to me.

Now i have to solve this problem on our website: we use issuu to promote our print-brochures all over our corporate high school website. they are all not or only partially usefull now.

it is hard for me to believe you don't want issuu to work on chrome as the most used browser worldwide with 40% (firefox: 9%, IE: 7%) or you haven't tested it before golive, what ever.

Design is an subjective topic and as a subject i also have to say it is a BAD user experience with the new design. i would not recommend anybody to use issuu now the way it is and even pay for it. and at the same time i hope you will repair the technical bugs as soon as possible and rethink your redesign. i think issuu has got a lot worse now.

Sundaram Tagore Gallery

The new design bad, the all gray layout, the small magazine surrounded by dozens of other publications that aren't even mine! The lack of a gutter mark or shading to make it look like a magazine it just looks like a flat pdf file now. the page animation is worse. I am so completely disappointed with this new layout that I will be taking our business elsewhere if it is not changed back and/or an option to manually set it to the previous style is not added ASAP. Even the embedded reader looks horrible on our website now. Not one thing was improved in this design change, it was completely unnecessary. 

Nona Smith

Your re-design is a miserable failure. This is how Web sites used to look and function 10 years ago. The tiny window used for the magazine reminds me of a design I did 15 years ago, but surely with the Cloud and WiFi loading is not a problem anymore. You should really rethink the design, you took two steps back and none forward!

International Forest Industries Ltd

What a disaster.  The smooth loading fast page turning has all gone back to YUDU days. What was  a super platform has been totally destroyed.

ISSUU looked and performed like a magazine online.  Now an abomination.  What  a great shame.

Robin Peach


Documents are way too small. I'm on a 4k display - the layout is not fluid, stays at ~1000px wide and does not dynamically change to fill the browser width. Shouldn't have to go "fullscreen" to get through an article.

Similar To gives 7 suggestions only. This is one of the best features for exploring relative content. Why would you limit this experience?

Page thumbnails are gone. No way I've found to move through large documents without flipping one page at a time. Again, a great feature gone.

Keisha Brown

The new Issuu looks horrible. You added a crappy shadow effect to the top and bottom of embedded viewer? And a solid gray bar at the bottom? Really? How is it clean and fresh? I had a pdf embedded in my site with a solid white background that made my pdf pop off the web page. Now I'm removing it because I'm not going to let your poor design choices and intrusive branding make my work look bad. 

Duke & Rabbit

For a company that talks about 'making your content look beautiful' with this new update, you seem to have kept this to a whisper. I don't understand why the most important part of this experience (the publications) have, at maximum, 25% of the screen real-estate? They are so tiny, and I'm having to flick through the pages, zoom in, then pan around just to find what I'm after. Yes, I could put it into full-screen, but when I want to work in two browsers, this just isn't  doable.


The new layout sucks! the view is just too tiny! who even passed this?

Martin Luther College

I am very discouraged by this change. Not a fan of the aesthetics/layout as others have noted. However, the MAJOR reason we selected ISSUU for to display our publications online was so that our constituents could SEARCH within a PUBLICATION. Eliminating that functionality is a serious dealbreaker for us. Please advise if and when this will be fixed.

Advantage Point

I am truly shocked that providing a smaller viewing experiences, loading the page with ads for issuu and other people's publications and removing what we considered core functionalities of being able to preview pages, having easy download could be ever decided unilaterally to be a step forward. My own clients are aghast as the change, as they were happy with their viewer and now dont understand why it's made smaller with more unnecessary stuff around it. im a designer too, and cant believe the shadow effect is modern as it goes against clean design. ive noticed that all my embeds now look tacky and cluttered rather than clean. honestly. we just want the publications uncluttered by shadows and 'read more's etc. i'm throughly disappointed that you could assume you know better than your customers. if there's no way to go back/revert to the original ill also just move my content to an alternative. 


I can understand having adverts because I'm getting something for free (if you pay the fee then there are no adverts) although... all my advertised publications appear to in Arabic (not sure how my content has suggested that)... but it does look smaller and more cramped than it used to.

5.11 International

The new design looks cheap and the layout is a huge step backwards. I wouldn't like to be the one responsible, considering the feedback this has got so far.

Also, we are not in the business of paying for the promotion of other companies magazines and catalogues, which is effectively what we are doing now!

Will be looking elsewhere going forward. 


This is awful!! If I wanted my readers to see a flat page, I would've made a slide show. Please bring back the original layout and the sizing!

Andrey Gidulyan

This is awful! I am fully agreed with the previous comments. Guys, what have you done?! What for?! It is horrible. You put your add blocks and the page size is so small for viewer! Secondly, the pages are not flipping! It is not digital magazines! It is old-style slides show now! Where is maximizing/minimizing of view in a click?! I need to click "+" or "-"??? What for?!!?!?! You know, finally, what am I doing now? I have typed "the ISSUU alternative". Please do simple - make as it was! And do not make such big mistake anymore!

Chin Yew

what happened to the page flip effect? One of the main reason i have my publication at issuu is for the feature that makes my document look like a real printed document. what happened to it?

OUT Revista LGBTI Ecuador

Please PLEASE!!! Go back to the magazine effect, that was the best of ISSUU, make the app looks very realistic and atractic, now is just like any picture gallery blog, to see image by image, no FUN.

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