Collaborating on the review process

In this step, your team can work on reviewing and approving layouts.

Once you create the layout on your computer, go to the publication in Collaborate and click on the Review tab. Here you can upload your layout and collaborate on its review.


You will notice that the Review tab is just another view of the flatplan. The status bar is the same as on the flatplan, and the spreads can be moved and deleted here too.

If you would like to see the status for each spread, click on Show Status at the top. You will now see a colored sidebar next to each spread that corresponds to the status for that spread.

The Review tab facilitates the review process of your final layout. Members can comment, add notes and approve or reject spreads.

Here’s a tip: Deleting a spread while in Review is no different from deleting a spread while on the flatplan. Simply mouse over the spread and click the Delete button that appears at the top.

Reviewing the layout

The Review tab allows you to collaborate on the review process of your layout. You can:

  • Open and review each page individually.
  • Scroll to other pages of the publication.
  • Zoom in for more detail.
  • Download the source PDF if necessary.
  • Preview the full two-page spread of the publication, with and without comments.
  • Add notes and comments.
  • See the layout history (all changes previously made in the review step of the current page).
  • Specify whom you need to notify of your comment or note.
  • Change status of the publication (can be changed by the Editor or Art Director)

Team members working on the publication also will be able to add comments and notes to the spreads, facilitating collaboration.


Adding notes

Collaborate’s notes feature allows you to mark a relevant section of a page for a comment, and notify a team member about the comment.

To add a note to a page:

  1. Open the page by mousing over it and clicking View.  
  2. In the left-hand corner, click on Add Note. A comment box will appear on your spread.
  3. You can mark the section to which the note is relevant by dragging the comment box around the spread.
  4. Type your comment and specify whom you wish to notify. When finished, remember to save your note. Your note will appear as a box on the page and show the comment when you mouse over it.


Adding comments

When viewing a particular page, you'll see its layout history on the right-hand side. This history includes any changes made, notes and comments.

To add comment:

  1. Click on the Comment button located below the history.
  2. Type your comment in the comment box and specify any members you wish to notify. Your comment will now appear as part of the layout history for that particular page.

Here’s a tip: You can easily move between spreads by using the Next and Previous buttons below the page being viewed.



Changing layout status

You can set the status of a spread on its layout history on the right-hand side by choosing from the following in the drop-down options:

  • In Progress
  • No Layout
  • Completed
  • Overdue

Here’s a tip: Changing the status to No Layout will delete the layout for the particular page you are reviewing.



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