Creating a Title and adding publications

On your Collaborate home page, you can create and edit titles and find all tasks that you need regarding features and functionality. Each title can have several publications (or editions) under it.

To get started, click the New Title button, give it a name and click Create Title.


The top left drop-down menu in Collaborate’s navigation bar allows you to switch between different titles (including the ones you own or are invited to collaborate on).


Create a publication

Once you've created a title, you can add publications to it by clicking the New Publication button.

Here’s what to do when creating a publication:

  1. Give it a name.
  2. Set a deadline. The deadline will be the default deadline for all articles, ads and layout in that publication.
  3. Choose a layout. The layout can be “single pages” (such as a stack of papers stapled together) or “facing pages” (like you see in a typical magazine, bound at the spine and featuring two-page spreads).
  4. Choose if you want to use a previous publication as a publication template. This will copy the existing flatplan including articles and ads, but not the content. At this time, Collaborate is unable to store custom templates.
  5. Finish by clicking Create Publication.


You can access all your publications created for a specific title in the top-level navigation.


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