Putting together your team on issuu Collaborate

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Inviting team members

You can invite as many team members as you want, for free. New team members can be invited under the Team tab on the top menu, or when creating new articles and ads.

When you invite a new team member to your Collaborate account, they will be sent an email with the invitation and sign-up link. This link allows the recipient to either sign in with an existing issuu account, or create a free issuu account. (They will need an issuu account to join the workflow in Collaborate.)

A team member can be invited to multiple Titles, publications and articles, and also by multiple editors.


Team roles

A team member invited to a publication will be assigned a role. Depending on the role, the team member will have different permissions in the publication. The different roles are as follows:


Role Permissions


The Editor has the top-level administrator role and can do everything in Collaborate — create new titles, publications and flatplans; manage content such as articles and ads; invite team members; publish and so on.

Art Director

The Art Director can view the flatplan and download the content that has been placed on pages, as well as upload pages for review. Art Directors can also move, delete or add pages to the flatplan.


A Salesperson can be assigned ads to sell, but also has the ability to create new ads and update assigned ads.


Contributors can be assigned to articles and can only view the articles that they have been assigned to, or that anyone can work on.


Managing your team members

  • Each Title has a team. You can either invite a new team member when creating an article or ad, or add them to your team using the “Team” tab in the top menu.
  • When adding team members, provide them with a role for that specific Title. You can see the different roles and what changes they are allowed to make above.
  • To edit existing team members, mouse over their name and click the “Edit” button that appears.
  • To easily add and remove roles assigned to the person or completely remove them from working on your Title, click “Remove collaborator” at the bottom of the edit section.
  • A team member needs an issuu account to sign in, but that account doesn’t need a paid plan.
  • An issuu account can be invited to multiple Titles, publications or articles.



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