A quick tour of Collaborate

issuu Collaborate is a process tool that helps manage the workflow of editorial, design and production teams.

The editor can create a new Title that can contain several publications (corresponding to editions, or issues) and invite team members to collaborate on producing content, creating layouts and reviewing final versions.

The final publications can then be uploaded to issuu for digital distribution or downloaded for print.

Take a look at the introduction video below for a high-level overview of what Collaborate can do for you. 


Collaborate is structured to get you from start to finish in five basic steps:

  1. Plan your title
    This involves setting up a flatplan with pages and placeholders for articles and ads, while assigning the task of providing the content to team members.
  2. Gather the content
    In this step, team members can contribute copy as well as upload files and images in pages where articles and ads are to be placed. A simple content-upload link can be shared with external contributors. The Editor can then approve or reject the content.
  3. Download content for layout
    Art Directors can review the flatplans and download all assets for creating the layout in their tool of choice. For aficionados of Adobe InDesign, we offer an InDesign Extension that shows the flatplan and status of content, allowing for downloading straight into the corresponding page of the InDesign project.
  4. Review the layout
    Art Directors can upload the finished pages for review. Again, this can be easily done with the available InDesign Extension. Team members can then comment and the Editor can approve or reject pages.
  5. Publish
    Once all pages are approved (which is reflected on the overview in the "review" tab), the Editor can upload directly to issuu to leverage our platform’s digital-distribution features or download the PDF for print.


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