Managing the workflow in Collaborate

When working with articles and ads, you can assign them to different team members or change the status of the content at the bottom right-hand side of the menu, under Article History.

Articles and ads can be unassigned, assigned, pending approval or complete.




Pending approval


All articles and ads start out in this state. Anyone can edit an article or upload content. This state will be displayed as yellow on the flatplan.

The Editor assigns an article or ad to team members. Team members will also be able to assign articles or ads to others. Anyone can upload content, as this doesn’t overwrite previous files.
This state will also be displayed as yellow on the flatplan.

Once an article or ad is finished, the assigned team member (or Editor) on that task can submit it for approval. This will alert the Editor to review it, and then accept or reject it.
This state is displayed as yellow on the flatplan.

When an Editor has reviewed the content and accepts it, he or she can mark it as Complete. Only the Editor can reopen this for edits after this state. Once all content on the page has been completed, the state will be displayed as green on the flatplan.



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