Working with articles

Editing articles

When you want to work on an article, click its working title on the spread. You can also go to the Articles section at the top menu and open it from there.

You can write your article directly in the text editor at the top of the Article view and apply simple text options, such as Paragraph or Heading 1, 2, 3 and 4. You can also set the text to be bold, italics or underlined.


Uploading files (images or other files)

If you prefer to write your article in a separate document (such as in a word-processing application), you can upload it directly to the Article view. You can also upload images or other files that should be included in the article.


To upload files:

  1. Use the Upload Files button under the text-editor field. The Contributor can upload a Word, Pages or other type of text document as a file attached to the article. 
  2. Share the upload link with others, so they can add to the article. Each article has a unique link which will notify the Editor and any assigned Contributor when content is uploaded.

Note: You don’t have to be a team member or have an issuu account to use the upload link.


Commenting on articles

All team members can add comments to an article at any time. If no member is set to be notified directly, this comment will only go to the current owner. It will also be visible in the article history.


Article History

The Article History is on the right-hand side of the Article view. Here you can see a list of all changes made to the article and who has made the changes.

By clicking on the version number, a new window will open showing the changes made to the text in the text editor.


Article process

When a Contributor or other team member working on an article is finished, he or she can either forward it to another team member or set it to Complete pending approval, which will assign it back to the Editor for approval or rejection.

The upper status bar on the flatplan show the status of all articles and ads on a page. The page status colors are as follows:

  • Yellow - In progress
  • Red - Overdue (according to the set deadline)
  • Green - Marked as Complete by the Editor



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