Adding pages, ads and articles to a publication

Adding pages

Once you've created a publication, you can add pages to its flatplan. (If you are using a previous publication as a publication template, you’ll see its existing pages, but not the older content.)

For magazines that will be printed, it’s best for the total number of pages to be evenly divisible by four due to requirements of the binding process.

Digital magazines, in contrast, can be any number of pages. Pages can also be added or removed from the flatplan as you build the publication. 

To easily add pages to your publication, click Add Pages at the top-left corner of your flatplan.

To delete extra pages, hover over them in the flatplan view and select Delete on the top righthand corner.



Adding articles

An article can contain copy, images and other assets. When creating articles, you can assign each one to specific contributors or invite new team members to work on them.

To add articles, click Add Article on the right-hand sidebar. You can also create new articles on the Articles page.

Here’s what to do when adding an article:

  • Choose a working title.
  • Set a deadline for when the article should be submitted. The deadline will be reflected in the status in the Article view.
  • Choose an article editor. The article editor will be in charge of either accepting or rejecting the article when a contributor marks it as complete.
  • Choose a contributor who will be responsible for adding content to the article.
  • Finish by clicking Create Article.

The newly-created article will show up in the sidebar on the right-hand side. You can edit what you've chosen in the steps above by mousing over the article and clicking Edit.


Adding ads

Ads are created from the flatplan or Ads page by clicking New Ad button.

You'll be prompted to specify:

  • The size of your ad. The size will be expressed as a fraction of the page on which it will be placed. A full-page advertisement will be 1/1; a half-page ad is 1/2; and so on. An ad can be placed across as many pages as you want. If you place a 1/2-size ad across two pages, then this is really only 1/4 per page, so you should express this as “2/4.”
  • An advertiser. If you’ve sold the ad space, you can add the name of the advertiser here. If this field is left empty, the ad will be considered “unsold.”
  • You can leave a comment with any information relevant for the assigned Salesperson.
  • An assigned Salesperson. The team member will be responsible for selling the ad or adding content to it. Only team members in the Salesperson role are allowed here.
  • deadline for when the ad should be delivered. The ad will be marked as Overdue unless it’s marked as completed before the deadline.

Finish by clicking Create Ad.

The newly-created ad will show up in the sidebar on the right-hand side of your flatplan. You can edit what you have chosen in the steps above steps by mousing over the ad and clicking Edit.

 Note: We've observed a while ago that if an ad blocker is running, it blocks the calls made to create ads. The easy fix for this would be to disable the ad blocker.


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