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    Shawn Lockwood

    Such a bad decision to remove free embedding. I have referred so many print customers and clients to issuu for that exact purpose over the years, with everyone being satisfied. None of them are at a level where it is appropriate to purchase a paid account, and none of them will be using issuu anymore now that the capability is gone.

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    We are having Embed problems. When I copy the embed code and insert it in our page, It will not open.

    Marsha Thomas

    for Gary Godfrey

    Arens Publications

    Covington, Ohio 45319


    Please help as we depend on this.

    Thank you



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    People Newspapers


    We're having the same issues with the embedded code. Instead of the issue showing up, we're getting an error page. Can you please advise ASAP! We have an issue we need to get out today for our websites. 

    Both websites: parkcitiespeople.com and prestonhollowpeople.com

    Please help when you can as well. Thank you!

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    Very Bad decision!
    Alternatives to Isuu https://www.readz.com/issuu-alternative

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    Mondo Corretto

    So Issuu removed the embedding from the free plan !?!?

    This is immensely disapointing and counter-productive on a level that makes Issuu obsolete and irrelevant.

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