Embedding With the issuu Facebook App

With the issuu Facebook App, you can easily embed your publications and Stacks directly on your Facebook Business (Brand) Page. Before you begin, make sure you:

  • have admin rights to your Facebook brand page, and
  • are logged in to your personal Facebook account (not the Brand Page).


The issuu Facebook App

To embed publications with the Facebook App from your Publisher Homepage:

1. Select “FACEBOOK APP” in the top toolbar.

2. Upload a specific header image (optional).

3. Choose up to 12 of your most recent publications to feature, or up to 12 of the most recent you’ve added to a particular Stack. You can also feature entire stacks if you prefer.

4. When ready, select “SAVE SETTINGS,” then “ADD TO FACEBOOK PAGE.”

5. Select the Facebook Brand Page (or pages) where you want to embed your publications, then choose “Add Page Tab.”

6. Navigate to your Facebook Brand Page, and choose issuu in the list on the left to see your publications embedded on Facebook.

NOTE:  If you try to add the Facebook app while logged in to a Brand Page, you'll see a blank Facebook install pop up. Log out of the Brand Page and start over.


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