Embedding Publications on Behance


The most customizable method for embedding publications on Behance is from your Publisher Homepage.

To embed a publication on Behance:

1. Navigate to the publication in your Publication List and select “EMBED.”

2. Customize your embed and copy the “iFrame” code. To learn how, see Embedding Publications.

3. Log in to your Behance account, navigate to the “Add Work” pulldown and select “Add Project.”

4. Choose the “Embedding?...” link at the bottom of the pop up.

5. Paste the iFrame code you copied and select “Embed.”

6. Choose “Skip” for both the “Add Media” and “Customize Design” pop ups.

7. Name your project and select “Save.”

8. Upload and adjust a cover image, then choose “Crop and Continue.”

9. Fill out the project’s settings, then select “Publish.”





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