Changing your Facebook App tab image and name

You can easily use Facebook Page settings to customize the title and image for your issuu Facebook tab. This is perfect for any brand that wants to create cohesive brand imagery across their Facebook page.


To change the name or image on your issuu Facebook app tab,

1. First log into your brand Facebook Page and select “Settings” in the upper right corner and click “Apps” from the left hand toolbar OR


Click on "More" on the page toolbar, and select "Manage Tabs"


2. You will see the issuu app displayed under “Added Apps”. Select “Edit Settings”.


3. An edit window will pop up. You can customize the name for your issuu app tab. To draw readers to your app, we suggest using a straight-forward, descriptive title, such as your publication name, “Read Now,” “Magazine,” or “Catalog”.


4. You can also change the image for your tab that will appear on your Facebook brand page by clicking “Change” next to “Custom Tab Image”.


In the new window that appears, click “Edit” to change the tab image.

NOTE: You can upload a JPG, GIF, or PNG file. Use an image that is 111 x 74 px, and is less than 1MB in size.



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