How do I create and add publications to Stacks in the app?

Stacking makes it easy to organize and save publications the way you like. To read more about Stacks, check out What are Stacks?


You can create or add publications to a Stack using the long press menu, or from the Stacks section in the App navigation menu.


From the Long Press Menu

The easiest way to create a Stack or add a publication to a Stack is to use the long press menu. From your feed, from the publication’s cover page or while reading through a publication:


  1. Long press on the publication you wish to add to a Stack to pull up the menu. You can also select the Stack icon from the menu next to the publication cover page.

  2. Drag the circle (or your finger) to the Stack icon, which will change from an outline to a filled icon.


3. Choose “Create new stack”, add a name and description for the Stack, and choose to keep it public or set it to unlisted. Tap “Create Stack”, and you’ll be done when you see the green notification message.


Stacks4-edited.png      Stacks6-edited.png  


4. If adding to an existing Stack, just choose your preferred Stack from the Stack list that pops up, and your publication

will be added to that Stack.

Stacks8-edited.png   Stacks9-edited.png  


From the Stacks menu

  1. Swipe your screen to the right using the small menu bar icon, and your app navigation menu will appear.

  2. Select “Stacks” from the left-hand column and tap “Create new Stack” to create a new Stack.


Stacks1-edited.png     Stacks11-edited.png


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