Navigating the issuu iOS app

Here's a quick overview of the various sections of the new issuu iOS app. You can easily navigate through the app by sliding the small issuu icon on the lefthand side of the screen (please see screenshot below).


The Feed section is where you’ll find new publications from publishers and Stacks you follow. We’ll also include new additions to the stacks you follow, and various other publications that we think you’ll love. This section also displays your Recent Reads and the publications that have been liked by you or your social network. Suggestions for Stacks and Publishers to follow, based on your interests are also shown.





The Explore section contains some of issuu’s premium content curated by the issuu staff. It contains featured publishers and Stacks created by the issuu staff. One of the most interesting aspects  of the Explore section is the ability to see the publications that are currently being read by people all over the world.




And here’s one more cool thing you can do in the Explore section - you can search for publication based on the color of their cover page. To do this,  select a color from the color palette.




Your account's activity Feed will show who has shared or commented on Clips you created as a publisher, and any comments / shares of Clips that you previously shared or commented on.


However, this does not show who created the Clip and when. Unfortunately, the only way to find this out would be to turn on User Clips (by clicking on the orange '+' button) and manually go through the publication page by page to view your user-created Clips.



Publications that fit the interest areas you selected when you signed up will be displayed in this section. Tap a particular section to view the included publications.





One of our most exciting features, the offline readlist allows you to save publications to read later, with or without a connection to the internet. See How do I add a publication to my Offline Readlist? for more information.





The Stacks section, just like the Stacks section on our website, displays Stacks you’ve already created. See How do I create and add publications to Stacks in the app? for more information.





Control what notifications you receive on the iOS app from the account Settings tab. You can also log out of the app here.




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