How do I add a publication to my Offline Readlist?

Offline Readlist in the new iOS app allows you to view publications without a network connection. They are only visible to you.


There are 2 simple ways to add a publication to your Offline Readlist.


  1. From the Long Press Menu

    1. Long press on the publication from the Feed/Explore section, from the publication’s cover page, or while reading the publication.

    2. Drag the circle (or your finger) to the Readlist icon ( eyeglasses). The icon will change from an outline to a filled icon when your publication has been successfully added to the Readlist.

OfflineReadlist6-edited.png  OfflineReadlist7-edited.png




  1. From your publication’s cover page

    1. Tap on the Readlist icon (eyeglasses) from the scrolling menu bar. A green notification message will pop up once the publication has been successfully added.

OfflineReadlist3-edited.png  OfflineReadlist4-edited.png


To remove a publication, please see How do I remove a publication from my Offline Readlist?


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