How do I share publications from the issuu iOS app?

There are three ways to share a publication in the iOS app.


1. From the Feed/Explore page

Long press on the publication you wish to share, so that the 5 options are shown. Click on the share button.




You will then be able to share the publication by message, mail, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. You can also add the publication to your offline readlist.




2. From the publication’s cover page

Once you have selected a publication from your Feed/Explore page, you’ll come to the Cover Page browser. From here, you can either:

a. Long press so the menu appears, and then click on the share button.

b. Click on the share button in the top menu, then choose your sharing options.



3. While reading a publication

After opening a publication to read, you can share that publication by long pressing on the publication. When the menu appears, drag the circle to the share icon and choose your sharing option.




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