Unlisted Publications - What are they and how do I get them?

When you upload a document to issuu, you have the option of publishing it as unlisted, as this excludes the document from the issuu.com search engine and community.

You can share an unlisted publication at your discretion, and only the people who have the link to the publication can view it. You however have to make sure that you do not share this link publicly, as another search engine might discover and index it.

Using the Unlisted publication option is a great way to test how a publication looks and works before it goes live. If you want to create a private library of documents that are only available to members of a group, company or just for yourself, using the unlisted publication option is the way to go.

To learn more, see How to upload and publish Unlisted Publications.


You can always make an unlisted publication public, but you can’t revert a public document back to unlisted, as the link has already been made public.

You can, however, delete the public document and re-upload it as unlisted, but all the statistics associated with that document will be lost, and it will be given it’s own new document link.

All issuu accounts come with a limited amount of free unlisted publications. If you want to keep more documents as unlisted, you would have to upgrade to one of the unlisted document tiers listed on the Account Services page. Please note that the unlisted storage Add-Ons are billed each month, until cancelled. You can learn more about this here.


Do I still have unlimited storage?

Yes, you’ll always be able to upload an unlimited number of listed (public) publications.


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