Adding videos and video links to issuu publications



Just like you add hyperlinks/URLs to your publication before uploading to issuu, you can add a video URL (eg. the URL for a video hosted on YouTube or Vimeo) to your publication, before uploading it to issuu.

NOTE: Links that you add with the link creation tool (in whatever software you are using before uploading) will be enabled after uploading to issuu. If you don't use a link creation tool but just type in the video link, your links will not work, and you would need to upgrade to the Premium or Optimum plan in order to have those links detected.

To do this, please watch the video below or read the instructions after the video.




  1. Grab the video URL you want to insert from YouTube or Vimeo.
  2. Use the link creation tool in whatever document creation software you're using (in this example we used Google Docs) to insert the link. In the example below, we've added a video link to a photo to make it easier to see and to keep the visual styling of the document.
  3. Save or export your document, preferably as a PDF, and upload to issuu. 
  4. After uploading to issuu, your video links will show a "Play" button when moused over, and clicking on that button will play the video in an overlay window.

TIP - You can add play button icon or other design element to your publication, so your readers know to click that particular link or image for a video.



You can also add your video link to your publication after you've uploaded to issuu. To do this, please watch the video below or read the instructions after the video.



  1. Go to the "Publication List" on your issuu account; choose the publication you wish to add a link to and select "Links".
  2. This will take you to the Link Editor where you can see all pages of your publication displayed. Click on the page you want to add a link to. 
  3. Click to drag a box over the text or photo you want to add your video link to and then click on "Add link".
  4. Choose the type of the link, "Web or Video", and then paste the video URL into the dialog box that shows up. Click "Done" and then Save (at the top of the screen).
  5. To check whether the links were added, click the "View" button next to the "Save" button at the top, and a new window will open to show your publication with the newly added video links.



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