Why are some of my publications missing?

People all over the world publish on issuu, and the content on our platform reflects the lives and interests of the diversity of our user base. To balance this diversity and the needs and expectations of our users, we review all uploaded publications manually.

This has meant that newly uploading publications take a few minutes to show up, and some older publications have been removed from general view to be reviewed by our moderators, before showing up again on profiles and in stacks. We review publications based on our Community Standards and Safe Mode Guidelines.

Content flagged as explicit is removed from the general streams, so your readers would have to sign up or log into an issuu account in order to have access to it. A content warning will be shown when you open the publication. We will notify you if your publication has been flagged.

If your publication has not been reviewed yet and is not showing up on your profile page, please contact us via the "Help" button at the bottom right of this page, and we would be happy to assist you.


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