Help! I don't want to see adult content!

issuu allows publishers to upload different types of content. However, we acknowledge that some publications may not be for everyone.  

With this in mind, we've created the Safe Mode feature, which gives users control over what content they see. This feature automatically filters out most adult publications from the feed.

When you sign up for an issuu account, the Safe Mode is turned on by default. 


To turn the Safe Mode on or off, please sign into your issuu account, hover over your profile photo and select 'Account Settings'.

On the bottom of the 'Account Settings' page you will see the 'Site Settings' section. Here, you can toggle the Safe Mode button "On/Off". Please make sure to click "Save Changes" when done. 


If you see any content that you deem inappropriate despite having the Safe Mode on, please flag the document. This will help us serve you more appropriate publications.  

Please see this help article on How do I report an inappropriate publication on issuu?.


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