Help! I can't open any publications!

Please follow the steps below to troubleshoot: 

  1. Clear the cache and cookies of your browser
  2. Upgrade your browser and Flash to the newest version, and then try opening the document again
  3. Try using a different browser and/or device to see if this problem persists
  4. Check if you are able to open any other publication
  5. If the publication still does not open, try restarting the browser / system.


If the steps above did not resolve the issue:

Please contact us via the 'Submit a Request' button at the top of the page.

For best assistance, please provide the following information:

- Link to the publication on issuu

- A screenshot of the error message you are seeing

- The browser versions you encountered the problem in

- The Flash Player version you are using (You can check that via this link:

- Your computer's operating system (OS) version (i.e. Mac OS X version 10.8.5., Windows XP etc.)



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