Downloading Publications

There are two methods for downloading issuu publications. The first is for downloading any publication when reading on issuu. The second is for downloading your own publications via your Publisher Homepage.


When Reading on issuu

When reading any issuu publication, if the publisher does allow downloads, simply select "DOWNLOAD" below the publication, and choose where you want to save the file on your computer or device. (In most cases, you must be logged in before downloading is possible.)

Note, you are limited to downloading 25 publications per 24-hour period. 


If you are logged in and the publisher does not allow downloads, the “DOWNLOAD” option will be greyed out.


Downloading from Your Publisher Homepage

To download your own publications:

  1. Navigate to the publication in your Publication List.
  1. From the “...” pulldown to the right, select “Download.” The file will automatically be saved on your computer or device.


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