Signing Up For/Creating an issuu Account

There are two different ways to sign up for or create an issuu account. The first option is to sign up manually with a custom username chosen by you. The other option is to use one of the social media sign up methods, such as Facebook or Google+.


Manual Sign-Up

To create an issuu account from a desktop application (not mobile) with a custom username:

1. Visit the issuu Pricing page.

2. Choose a plan.

3. Follow the onscreen instructions to create your account. And voila!


Social Media Sign-Up

1. Go to the Sign-Up Page.

2. Choose the Facebook or Google+ logo and log in using your login credentials for that account.

3. Your chosen site will ask you to confirm the new issuu account. If all looks good, confirm and you will automatically be signed in to your new issuu account.


NOTE: When you sign up via Facebook or Google+, you are asked to submit your email to us. We have to ask for it for legal reasons.


About issuu Usernames

Your issuu username is also your account URL/profile link (e.g. When signing up manually, you are able to choose a custom username. If using the social media buttons to register, we will auto-generate an issuu username based on your information.

Unfortunately, you cannot change your issuu account username once it has been established without deleting your account and signing up for a new one. Please see changing your username for more details on this topic.


Email and Notification Settings

When creating an issuu account, you agree to to receive notifications about important product updates and changes. To learn more about the nature of the emails you may receive as well as to learn how to unsubscribe, please see this article.

We will not share your private information with third parties as per our Privacy Policy.


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