Enabling or Disabling Publication Downloads

Some readers prefer to download publications so they can read them when offline. As a publisher, you get to decide whether your publications can be downloaded or not.

If you are on the Basic plan, your readers need to sign up for an issuu account or log into an existing issuu account in order to download the publication.

Premium and Optimum plans come with unlimited Nonmember Downloads so your readers can download your publications from your Embed Reader and Shareable Full-Screen Reader without a login.

NOTE: Does not apply to downloads from the issuu website, as your readers will still need to be logged in to their issuu account to download your publication while reading it on the issuu website.


Setting the Download Feature

To enable or disable the download feature for a publication from your Publisher Homepage:

  1. Navigate to the publication in your Publication List and select “SETTINGS.”
  1. Select or deselect “Allow download.”
  1. Choose "SAVE CHANGES.”


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