How to upload and publish unlisted documents (Can I protect my publications?)

When you upload to issuu you can choose to publish your content as “unlisted”. This will exclude the document from (as well as from our search engine, community etc.).

The link will only be known to you, but accessible to anyone who knows it, so please take this into consideration before sharing the link publicly as a search engine might discover and index it, effectively making it public.

Unlisted publications are a great way to test how a publication looks before it goes public, or if you want to create a private library for your eyes only or to be shared with selected individuals.

NOTE: You can always make an unlisted publication public, but you can't make a public publication unlisted (because the link has already been made public).

Take a look at our quick instructions below.



How to publish as unlisted

  1. When you upload a publication to issuu, select “unlisted” in the drop-down menu under "Publication Visibility".  Next, click on the green "keep unlisted" button to publish.

  2. Once the publication is done converting, it will appear in you "Publication List". Unlisted publications are marked with a grey 'unlisted' mark next to it.


Please note: We do not currently offer options to password protect your unlisted publication. 


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