Adding links (Clips) to my publications

When you upload to issuu we activate all the links you created using a link tool during your document-creation process. You can add links throughout your publications using your document editor, e.g. Acrobat, Quark or Scribus - just make sure to use the appropriate "add link" tool in the application you use to create your publication.

If you didn't explicitly create your links with a link creation tool, and just typed your links into your document, you'll have to sign up for our Premium plan in order to have those links activated/detected upon upload.

Please note that our system can't activate any in-document / internal links in your publication, i.e. links pointing to other pages in your publication. Instead you have to create these links with our link editor.

Email links

When linking to an email address remember to type it in this format: mailto: in one unbroken string.

Link actions

It's also possible to insert special links that can make your publications do new things, like jumping to a different page. If you wish to insert in-doc link actions e.g. table of content, learn more about it here.


Troubleshooting links

Problems with links

Make sure long links are added before upload. Make sure links in your text are not separated by line breaks or placed directly next to non-link characters (add a blank space on each side of the link/email-address).  

Problem with full-page links

If you are turning full pages into links, e.g. for full-page ads, make sure the link area is smaller than the actual page. issuu is not able to work with link areas that are bigger than the page size. So, the best approach is to leave space for a margin around your link area.

Links are appearing in the wrong place

If your links are displayed in the wrong place you need to export your document for viewing on the screen (not for print).

If you need more help, please refer to our conversion guide.


To place links in a publication after upload, please refer to the help section issuu Clip for Publishers.


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