How do I delete publications?


  • You can easily remove publications that you’ve uploaded to your issuu account. However, please make sure you absolutely need to delete a particular publication, as we cannot recover any deleted content.
  • Also, although deleted content is removed instantly, a cache may be available until our search engine is updated (up to 48 hours). In a matter of days search engines will remove any reference to your content when their indexes are updated.
  • A publication can be viewable if visiting a direct link for up to an hour after deletion due to caching.


To delete a single publication:

1. Sign into your account, and go to “Publication List”.

2. Choose the publication you'd like to delete and click on the drop down menu next to it, then select "Delete"



3. A dialog box will pop-up and you'll be asked to confirm the document deletion. You will have to select “Delete” to remove the document from your issuu account.



To delete multiple publications, follow the steps below.

1. Sign into your account, and go to "Publication List".

2. Click the checkbox next to the publication (see image below). Clicking the checkbox next to "Publish" will select all your publications.


3. Click the "trash bin" button that appears (see image below).



4. Select "Delete" on the confirmation dialog box (see image below). Make sure that the count displayed on the confirmation dialogue box matches the total number of documents that you are expecting to delete because deleted documents cannot be recovered in any way.




  • Once again, please remember that documents deleted from issuu cannot be recovered.
  • You can upload the same document again, but it will not carry the statistics of the previously uploaded version.

If you can't remember your login, please go here and enter either username or signup-email. Make sure that you aren't currently logged into issuu when you attempt to reset your account password.




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