Getting your publication ready

To publish on issuu, all you need to do is upload your already created documents. We'll automatically convert them into the lovely web editions you know so well. 

Unfortunately, a small fraction of uploaded documents can fail during conversion, because your document is not prepared correctly. Please follow the guidelines below in order to avoid uploads failing.


Basic document requirements

Your documents MUST comply with these requirements. 

Document size:

Free and legacy Pro Plans: 500 pages per publication, up to 100MB in size
Legacy Plus Plan: 500 pages per publication, up to 250MB in size
Premium and Optimum Plans: 5000 pages per publication, up to 500MB in size

Single Page Spreads:

Our system will automatically convert your document to a 2-page spread. If you upload your publication in a 2 page spread, it will show up on issuu as four pages.

Supported formats:

PDF, Word (DOC), Powerpoint (PPT), Open Office (ODS, ODP), WordPerfect (WPD), Rich Text Format (RTF), Star Office (SXI, SXW).

Supported PDF versions:

Versions 1.0-1.5. 
Note: We will also convert versions above v 1.5 and usually they look OK, but we can't guarantee it.


  • Make sure your document will open without problems in a desktop reader (e.g. Acrobat Reader or Preview).
  • Make sure your file is not password protected.
  • Make sure user access is not restricted; allow printing and copying.
  • Image resolution can be up to 150 dpi. Higher resolutions will be scaled down to suit web usage.

NOTE: If you're using InDesign to create your publication, you can download this issuu Export Preset and add it to your presets to ensure that during the export process, your PDF is issuu-ready.

Also, take a look at the Conversion problems article, as it will have information on the most common problems that occur after uploading your publication, as well as how you can prevent them when creating your document.


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