Can I access statistics longer than 1 month?

To gain access to statistical history going back more than 1 month, you would need to subscribe to either the Premium or Optimum plans.


Statistics for FREE and legacy PRO users

As a free and as a legacy PRO user you can access statistics for the past 30 days.


Statistics for legacy PLUS subscribers

As a legacy PLUS publisher you get access to 12 months of statistics.


Statistics for PREMIUM and OPTIMUM subscribers

When subscribing to the PREMIUM and OPTIMUM plan you get access to the full statistics history.


You can access stats on your publications from your issuu user account ( see How to access your publication's statistics).

We keep track of how many reads and shares your publication has.  You can also see statistics for the entire publication or statistics for each page in the publication. Read more about the statistics that we keep track of here.


To show statistics for a specific period of time please see Can I see the statistics for a specific time period?





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