Statistics on issuu - The Basics

We've learned a lot about how people read and engage content on the web, and redesigned our statistics system from the ground up. From the way we track your readers, to how your data is presented. You can find your statistics at All statistics on issuu are updated daily at midnight UTC for all customers. 

 Check out the video below for a brief overview of Statistics on issuu.


Basic concepts



Impressions are basically counts of the number of times that your publication was served or shown on the issuu network, whether in someone's feed (as a thumbnail) or on a website where you've embedded the publication. 



People who actively engage with your content are readers. Readers spend time in your publication, navigates, searches, and so on. Simply skimming the covers like you'd do at the local newsstand, wouldn't count as a read, but as an impression.

Average reading time

We've started tracking how much time your Readers spend in your publications. You can get the daily average time spent in all your documents, all the way down to average time spent on each individual page.


Understanding your data


Periods and performance ratings

You can narrow the time-span simply by selecting either week, month or custom time. The selected timespan will define what is shown on the rest of the page.

The performance ratings shown by your publications indicate how much a particular publication was read during the selected period compared to the same period prior to it.


Devices & Sources

You can filter your traffic by Devices and Sources.

Devices can either be mobile devices like mobile phones and tablets, or normal computers.

Sources indicates from what destination your readers found your publications. The sources can come from either the issuu site or from embeddings on the net.


Use the map-region to get a feel of your traffic sources. 


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