How much will it cost to use this service? Is it part of my current subscription?

Please note that the print on demand service is not part of your issuu subscription. The cost to print for each publication will be displayed to you right before you place your order.

Peecho’s service automatically determines the type of products that are available, based on your publication.  For example, it takes into account the number of pages you have in your publication, and the width and height of your publication in order to generate an instant quote for you, before you place your order.

After clicking the print button on issuu, you'll be redirected to the Peecho website where you can select:

  • How you want your publication to be printed (magazine, softcover book, hardcover book)
  • The size of your printed publication (small, medium)
  • The color format you want (black and white or full color)
  • The number of copies you want

Each of these options will also affect the price of your printed publication. 


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