How do I edit a stack and delete publications from a stack ?

How do I edit my current Stack(s)?

To edit a Stack, please log in, and go to your "Stacks" by mousing over your profile picture at the top right hand section of the page. This will display all your Stacks on the page. Each Stack will have a settings (gear) icon on it. Clicking on this gear icon will open up a pop-up window where you can edit the name, description and privacy settings of the Stack. You can also delete that Stack by clicking on the "Delete this Stack" text at the bottom of the pop-up.




How do I delete a publication from a Stack?

If you want to delete a publication from a Stack, click on the Stack in question to see all the publications in it. There will be a red "Edit Stack" button on the top lefthand corner of the page. Clicking on this button will immediately cause red close buttons (red button with x on it) to appear on each of the publications in the Stack. Click the red button on the publication you want to remove, then click "Done" on the top lefthand corner when you are finished making changes to save your new Stack configuration, you will be able to delete a publication from that Stack.




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