What are stacks?

Stacks are a new way to organize your own publications, as well as any other publications that you find interesting. For your own publications, after you are done publishing them, Stacks are an easy way for readers to discover all your content in one place. It's similar to a bookshelf in that, if you put all your publications in one Stack, a user who clicks on that Stack or follows your Stack will be able to see all your publications.

Please note that unlisted publications that are added to a stack are only viewable to you the publisher,  and not your readers.


Can I share a Stack?

Yes you can! There are two ways to share your stack. First, click on "Stacks" and select the Stack you want to share with your followers on Facebook, Twitter or on your website. You can then copy the URL that appears in the address bar and share that



Another way to get this URL is to right-click on the Stack you are interested in sharing, and select "Copy Link Address". You can now paste that URL wherever you want to share your Stack.


Can I embed a Stack in my website?

Unfortunately, embedding of Stacks is  currently not available, but there is a workaround available. Please see Can I embed a Stack? for more details.


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