Why don't my styled links hold the right styling?

The way you link directly to your publications has changed

If you customized your reader and have been sharing custom links  to the Shareable Full-Screen Reader looking something like this one:


this is relevant for you. Styling of these links is only available for paying users and only links generated before January 2013 are affected.

We've made some changes to the structure of your styled links, which might require a small change on your side too. From now on readers using these links will be seeing your document in the style saved as "Default". Here's what you should do control how your publication will look:

  1. Sign in to issuu.com and browse to your "Publication List".
  2. Click "Embed" below the publication you want to style.
  3. Create the desired styling and click "Save and get code"
  4. Then use that updated embed link on your website or share with your friends.

Do this for all publications you previously shared with styled links. The links you previously shared will now hold this new style.

If you don't do anything, all your links will still work, just without custom styling.

Note: that this can only be done if you subscribe to the Premium or Optimum service


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