Help! My document is not uploading!

The best way to prevent upload problems is to follow the document creation guidelines outlined in Getting your publication ready.


NOTE: If you're using InDesign to create your publication, you can download this issuu Export Preset and add it to your presets, to ensure that during the export process, your PDF is issuu-ready.


If you experience problems with uploading your document to issuu, please try these troubleshooting tips:

1. Please make sure that your flash player is up to date for the browser you're using by visiting this link:

2. Check the Known issues Forum for a status update on whether a problem with uploads has been reported.

3. Please check to make sure your document is within the document size limits. These are:

Pro and Free plan: 100MB and up to 500 pages in size

Plus plan : 250MB and up to 500 pages in size

Premium and optimum plans : 500MB and up to 5000 pages in size

If your file is too large, please see this help article for some tips to Reduce File Size, also take a look at conversion problems for tips on fixing common problems with publications.

4. If there's no problem reported on the help center, try uploading with a different browser, on a different computer, or on a completely different internet connection, as some of the usual culprits are browser-specific issues (we've received reports of Google Chrome sometimes not allowing publishers to upload), computer problems, or network/security settings that have recently been changed.

5. If none of these are the culprit, please click the "Submit a request" tab at the top of this page or the "Ask Us" tab to the left of your screen, and we'd be happy to help you resolve this. 



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