Troubleshooting browsers

issuu supports all major browsers on all major operating systems. However, if you see a problem with the way issuu looks or performs on your computer, it can be related to a faulty configuration of your browser.

Troubleshooting browsers

Here are a few tips to try out:

  • Make sure you're connected to the Internet and that the connection is stable.

  • Make sure you have the latest Flash player. Go here to update:

  • Check that your browser's privacy/security settings are not restricting use of issuu. If you are on an office network this is often controlled by a system administrator, so ask him/her for assistance.

  • Make sure cookies are enabled, or you won't be able to log in to issuu.

  • Make sure you don't have any browser plugins or other software installed that may interfere with issuu. This includes ad/Flash blockers, adult content or similar censoring filters etc. Note that these kinds of software may also be controlled by a system administrator if you are on an office network.

  • Generally we work perfectly on most popular open source setups. However, if you are on a Linux or open source system you may experience problems. Our best advice is to try searching online for help.


If your browser crashes

If your browser crashes, it's because your document is too complex (has too many vector items on one or more pages). Please refer to our conversion guide for help.


Some general advice to Windows/IE users

Currently Flash Player is supported only on 32-bit browsers. But you can run a 32-bit version of Flash Player on a 32-bit version of a browser, which in turn can run on a 64-bit version of the OS (Windows). This may cause problems with issuu that we're unable to do anything about.


Some documentation from Adobe:


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