How to enable auto-detection of links in your publications

You can enable auto-detection of links in your publications, if you're subscribed to the Premium or Optimum plan, in two ways.

A. While uploading a new publication:

1. After uploading your publication (see How do I upload a document/publish on issuu?), you'll get to a screen where you can fill in additional information about your publication.

2. To enable auto-detection of links, select 'Include detected links' checkbox. This will turn the auto-detected links on in your publication.



B. After you have uploaded the publication/On Pre-existing publications:

1. Go to your 'Publication List', choose a publication and click on 'Settings'. 

This will open up the 'Document Settings' of that publication. 


2. Select the 'Include detected links' checkbox to turn the auto-detected links on and then click on 'Save Changes'.

NOTE: Enabling the auto-detected links in one publication will only enable the links in that publication.



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