Adding Web, Video and Shopping Links to Publications

We’ve made adding web, video and shopping links to your publications easy, so readers can directly interact with your content. When hovered over, links viewed within your publications show up as blue outlines around ads, videos and images, with icons to direct the desired interaction.

NOTE: Our system automatically detects hyperlinks within uploaded files that have been created using the link creator tool built into popular design software (e.g. InDesign, Adobe Acrobat, etc.). Additionally, issuu provides a link detection algorithm that will try to recognize links in the plain text of the publication. These can be activated with the paid feature “Include detected links” on the settings page for each publication.


Using the Link Editor

Any links needing to be added after uploading a publication are created using the Link Editor, which is accessible from your Publisher Homepage. To use the Link Editor:

1. Navigate to the publication in your Publication List and select “LINKS.”

2. First select a page, then draw a box around the area of the page where you want the link added.

3a. For web or video links, select "WEB AND VIDEO LINKS.”

3b. Paste the URL where you want the link to take readers.

3c. Choose “DONE” and “SAVE.”

TIP: If creating video links using the Link Editor, add a play button icon or other design element to your publication before uploading, so your readers will know its a video.

4a. For new shopping links, select “SHOPPING.”

4b. Enter the link where readers can buy the featured product or service.

4c. Choose “DONE” and “SAVE.”

TIP: Regardless of the type of link you added, select "VIEW" at the top of the Link Editor, and a new window will open where you can view your publication with the newly added links.


Converting Links

To convert web links to shopping links or vice versa:

1. Select “CONVERT LINKS” at the top of the Link Editor page.

2. Choose to convert all the links in your publication to shopping links, only those on certain pages or individual links.

3. Choose “CONVERT” and then “SAVE.”


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