How do I change or delete a hyperlink (now Clip)?

Changing / Editing links (Clips) in a publication

If you want to change the URL of a Clip you've created, you can easily do this in the Link Editor. First, go to your “Publication List”, choose the publication you want to edit Clips in and click on "Links".



This will take you to the Link Editor where you can see all pages of your publication displayed. 



Click on the page which contains the link (Clip) you want to change, then click on the black frame which indicates the link and finally click on "Edit".



You see a pop-up window where you can choose the type of the link and fill in the new link. Once you are done editing the link, click on "Done" to exit the link box overlay, and then click on the "Save" button above the page to save the changes you've made. 





Deleting links in a publication

A hyperlink (Clip) that you created as a publisher, can easily be deleted.  Go through the steps above to get to the Link Editor, click on the link you want to delete, and click the red ‘Delete’ button. Click on the 'Save' button above the page to save all the changes made to your publication.

NOTE: Please note that you cannot delete Clips created by your readers.


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