How do I insert actions into my document with Clip?

You can still create in-document links with issuu Clip in the link editor. You can choose an action such as "Go to Page, Last Page" and insert the page number if needed.

To create Clips in your publication, go to “Publisher Tools”, choose the document you want to create Clips in and select "Links".



This will take you to the Link Editor. Select the page and then the area you want to Clip, then click on “Add link” to insert the action you want.




How do I insert a Table of Contents?

It is now possible to create your Table of Contents on issuu. Open the editor, mark the text that should have the action, and choose the action you want. For example ‘Go to page’ and enter page number. When readers click on the text/icon, the document will flip to the page.

In the example below, clicking on the top link will take you to page 4 of the publication.


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