How do I add a hyperlink (now Clip) to my publication?

Links are called "Publisher Clips" on issuu. Creating a Clip as a publisher is as easy as creating hyperlinks in the Link Editor.

Please note that our system will automatically detect links that are created with the software you used to create your publication (eg. InDesign or Adobe Acrobat).

Unfortunately visible links that were not created explicitly with a link creator (i.e. URL links that are just written as text in the document) will not be automatically activated.

If you don't create your links using a link creator in your design program, you can use our Link Editor to create your links (Clips).

See the video below for a quick mini-tutorial on how to add a Clip to your publication after uploading to issuu, or skip to the written instructions after the video.



To create Clips in your publication:

1. Go to the “Publication List” and choose the document you want to create Clips in.

2. Select "Links" in the menu below the publication, to get to the Link Editor.

3. Select the page and then the area you want to add the Clip to, then click on “Add link”.

4. For type of link, select "Web and Video Links", paste the URL you want to direct your readers to, and click “Done”.

5. Click "Save" at the top of the Link Editor page to complete the process.


You can click "View" to see your Clip, which will now show up on your publication. When your readers click on it, they will be immediately directed to the webpage you added.


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