How do I sign up for a FREE trial?

All of our professional plans come with a 14-day free trial period (credit card required).  For more information on the features available under each plan, please see our Pricing page.

NOTE: You'll have to create a new account in order to get a FREE trial, as you cannot get a FREE trial on an existing account. 

The FREE trial is for 14 days.

Please follow these steps to sign up for a free trial:

1) Go to our Pricing page

2) Decide the plan you would like to try out and then click on "FREE 14-DAY TRIAL". You can check out the features of each plan on our Features page. You can switch between plans during the 14-day free trial period, without any charge.


3) Once you have clicked on 'FREE 14-DAY TRIAL", you will be asked to fill out your details in order to create your account.


Step 1 

Enter your Profile name, add your email address and select a password. Accept the Terms of Service and click "SUBMIT" to continue.

Step 2

Select your preferred username and click "CREATE MY ACCOUNT". This URL becomes part of your profile and the URL for your publications. It cannot be changed later.


Step 3

Fill out your billing information and click "SUBMIT" to complete the process.


NOTE: Your subscription will renew automatically and you will be charged the subscription fee after the free trial expires in 14 days. If during the trial period, you decide to cancel,  please downgrade your account to FREE before the free trial period ends, and we'll not charge you a dime! 


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