I’m over my Unlisted Publications limit. What do I do?

If you've reached the limit of Unlisted Publications, you will not be able to add new Unlisted Publications to your account. Additionally, any document beyond the limit will no longer be viewable.  There are a few options available to you though.

1.  The first option would be to make the Unlisted Publications public by publishing them. ( See How do I make Unlisted Publications public?)


2. If you have any Unlisted Publications that are old or no longer needed, you can delete them from your account to create more space. (See How do I delete a publication?)


3. If you need to keep more documents as Unlisted Documents, you would need to upgrade to one of the Unlisted Publication Tiers listed on the Account Services Page.

Note: The Unlisted storage package will renew monthly, until cancelled. You can learn more about the additional unlisted storage pricing here.


If you have any other questions about Unlisted Publications, please send a message to issuu Support via the Help button to the bottom right of the page. 





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