Using Legacy URL Parameters

Over the years there have been several ways to specify the URL of a publication on issuu. Some of these URL parameters were only supported by the issuu reader before we switched to a purely HTML5-based version. This article outlines which URL parameters are no longer supported and which are supported as a legacy migration path.


Legacy URL Parameters Still Supported


This parameter was used to control how the issuu reader was presented. With the new HTML5 reader ALL of these modes will now display the Custom Full-Page Reader.

  • embed
  • window
  • a_p



To present the reader using spreads, doublePage or magazine is used (this is the default).

To present the reader showing single pages at the time, use singlePage or presentation.

To set the full-screen reader’s background color using a hex triplet, backgroundColor is used.

To set a positive integer starting page, use pageNumber.

NOTE: You can also specify the page number at the end of the URL before any parameters. For example, add ‘/3’ to start from page 3.


A sample URL with these options can be seen here.

Legacy URL Parameters No Longer Supported

The parameters below were specific to issuu’s Adobe Flash reader or were used very rarely, and therefore are no longer supported.



Any mode-parameter not part of the supported list above will no longer have an effect.



Used to link to an Adobe Flash SWF file with custom skinning (a Flash-only feature).



Used to control display of page flip arrows.



Used to enable auto-page-flip.



Used to control auto-page-flip intervals.

Accessing the Legacy URL Parameters

You must be on a paid issuu plan to use the legacy URL parameters. This is because they are only functional with the Custom Full-Page Reader, which is a premium feature. If you aren’t a paying publisher, the URL will go to the default reading experience on — regardless of any URL parameters.


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