Current Known Issues on issuu

As part of the recent issuu HTML5 redesign, we had to temporarily disable some features. We’ve also encountered some bugs the team is actively trying to fix. These are also included in the table below.




Viewing publications in a double-page spread

Our engineering team has just reintroduced the double page view for publications in landscape format, so you should be able to view your publications in the 2-page spread again


We are working on adding this setting back into the Publisher Tools section, so publishers can choose the default setting they want for their publications.

We are also updating all affected publishers who wrote in to us.

Ads and Related Publications are shown next to publications

If you are a paying publisher, you have access to a [Custom Full Page Reader]( that has no ads or other publications next to yours.

It is the best way to share your publication with your readers, as you can customize how your publication looks with this reader.

No in-publication search feature

We temporarily disabled this feature so we could roll out the new reading experience sooner. It will be re-enabled very soon.

The Clip feature is missing

The Clip feature has not been working very well for most of our readers and publishers. We are working on an updated version of this feature, and will share more information closer to the release date.

For now, the best workaround is to take a screenshot of the image you’d like to share, and include it in your social media post with a link to the publication.

Links are not displaying in publications

We are currently seeing a bug where links are taking a while to populate on issuu publications. We've notified the developers responsible for that feature, and they are working on a solution.

As of now, the links will still show up a while after uploading.

Grey gradient displays on the top and bottom on embedded publications

For this initial rollout, the grey gradient allowed us to draw attention to the controls at the bottom.

The team is working on new design and theme ideas to improve the look of the embedded publication.

Missing ability to share a direct page link from embeds and Custom Full-Page Reader

Our team is working on reintroducing this feature.

Missing ability to get an embed code for a publication from the document page on

Our team is looking into reintroducing this feature.

issuu publications blank in Chrome v54 on Windows 7, 8 and 10

The issuu reader team is currently working on unearthing the cause of this bug. Follow this article to receive any new updates on this problem.

In the meantime, please visit your issuu publications using other browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer.



James Harvey, Savills Japan

BUG: issuu publications blank in Chrome v54 on Windows 7, 8 and 10


It's not just Chrome. I'm experiencing it on all my browsers: Firefox, IE, Edge.

Galt Toys

Our Graphics team have opened this in the latest version of Safari (10.0.1)  when you click the full screen mode. Our double page spread catalogue is being cut off on the right by about half a page.


When do you expect to have your service up and running again.. Our cataloug is currently not working!

University of Maine

We are also seeing the same issue Galt Toys identified with Safari 10.0.2. 

I did narrow it down to the iMac 5k retina display. When I view our publication on my main iMac screen, it is distorted and cut off on the right. When I view our publication on a connected Cinema HD display, the presentation is normal. Attached is a screenshot of our latest engineering magazine at .

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