I received an unauthorized charge from issuu

If you believe that you have received an unauthorized/unrecognized charge from issuu, please make sure to read the below before reporting the charge to us or to your bank.

Charges from issuu that initially appear as unauthorized or are unrecognized are often a confusion as the result of one of the following:

1. An employee within the organization created an issuu account and subscribed to one of our plans using the company credit card. Commonly, the organization's accounting department does not recognize the charge as they were not informed about the subscription. 

2. A former employee created an issuu account and subscribed to one of our plans using the company credit card, and has not shared its details with the accounting department. 

3. A publisher may have subscribed to one of our free 14-day trials and did not cancel the subscription before the trial run out. In order to avoid a charge, all trials must be cancelled before they run out.

4. A publisher may have created multiple accounts, one of which may have been set up under a paid plan. Frequently, especially for annual subscriptions, publishers forget about that paid account and the renewal charge comes as a surprise.

5. A current or former employee created an issuu account for the organization, but used their personal credit card for payment. As the subscription renews automatically, the card on file gets charged.

6. An external PR firm or Designer created an account for their client and either used their own or the client's credit card for the subscription. At renewal, the credit card holder may at first not recognize the charge. 

As issuu is a self-service platform, it is ultimately each individual's and each company's responsibility to keep track of all paid subscriptions and to cancel them, if no longer in use.

If you have checked with your organization and are certain that you did not create multiple accounts or accounts on behalf of someone else, please reach out to us via our Billing Contact Form and we will be glad to assist with an unrecognized/unauthorized charge. 


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