Installing the InDesign Extension

For InDesign CC2014 and up (recommended)

Here’s how to install the Collaborate extension for the latest version of InDesign (Indesign CC 2014 10.0 and above):

  • Download the Collaborate InDesign plug-in here.
  • Then download the install tool. We use the open-source tool ZXPInstaller to install the plug-in. You can download and install the ZXPInstaller from here:

Note: Mac OS X users need to allow the tool to run for the first time, so click Open when you see the message below. If the installer won’t run and a warning is displayed instead, then navigate to the Applications folder, right-click (or Command-click) on ZXPInstaller, and select Open from the menu that appears.



  • Run the ZXPInstall tool and drag the plug-in file you downloaded earlier into the window like the one below at left. After a few moments, you will see the status message seen below at right.


Close the ZXPInstall tool.

  • Open the plug-in in InDesign from the Windows menu under Extensions and log in to your Collaborate account using the email or account name for your issuu account.


For InDesign versions older than CC2014

Although we are devoting more support to newer versions of InDesign, an extension for older versions is still available, but deprecated. Here’s how to install the Collaborate plug-in for previous versions of InDesign (older than CC 2014):

  1. Quit InDesign if it is running.
  2. Download the extension here:

The extension works on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. (Requires Adobe CS5 or higher. Users running Mac OS X Lion should make sure that Adobe Extension Manager is updated before installing.)


  1. Double-click the Magma.zxp file and the Adobe Extension Manager should appear. 
  2. Choose to install the file for InDesign. Accept the agreement and click Install when the extension manager says that the publisher can’t be verified. (It might say this several times.) 
  3. If the extension was already installed, you’ll see a pop-up window asking if you want to remove the existing extension and continue installing. Choose Yes. 


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