Charging for Publications on issuu

We are currently testing out the ability for publishers to sell digital access to their full publications. Please fill out this form if you want to be the first to know when we launch. 

In the meantime, there are two different workarounds that might fit your needs.

Method 1: Preview linking to your own storefront

  1. Create two versions of your publication — one with all the pages of your publication, and another one with most of the content missing (preview version).  
  2. In the preview version, insert several pages that have a "subscribe" or "buy now" link. See an example here.
  3. Upload the preview version to issuu, and users who want to subscribe to the publication will click through to your website to purchase it.

This method is great because your publication will still show up in the related streams to help gain more impressions and reads.

Method 2: Unlisted publication hidden behind your own password protection

  1. After uploading a publication to issuu, select “Unlisted” in the settings.  
  2. Embed the publication on a password-protected web page of your website, so only those who've paid can access it.
  3. To make the embed code completely private so people can't share the publication from the Embed Reader, sign up for one of our paid plans and select all of the following in the publication’s embed settings:
  • No re-share options after closing fullscreen mode
  • Remove links below embedded reader
  • No share options in fullscreen mode
  • Disable search button in fullscreen mode
  • Users cannot make Clips on this publication

Be aware that Unlisted Publications will not be indexed by search engines (including ours) unless you make the URL publicly known.

Also note all plans except Optimum include a limited number of Unlisted Publications per account. Additional Unlisted Publication credits may be purchased at any time.



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